State Legislator’s Message To Underage Drinkers A Better Message To Underage Drinkers

What Motivates MADD HQ

     Follow the Money. They are in the pocket of the auto industry, trying to get teenagers and everybody else addicted to driving. They don’t want convicted drunk drivers to lose their licenses for extended periods of time, because the added ridership would allow bus companies to extend their hours and routes, making cars less necessary. More criminals under suspension would mean more persons walking, and then demanding crosswalk lights and plowed sidewalks. If they have money for streets, they have money for sidewalks. If they have money for traffic lights, they have money for crosswalk lights. If they have money to plow the streets, they have money to plow the sidewalks. They just don’t give a fire truck about persons who walk.
     More persons would be protesting the zoning restrictions that force the developer to add a parking lot, and pass the cost on to tenants who walk.
     More persons would demand the end to zoning restrictions that impose great distances between homes and places where citizens can work, shop, or gather to drink.
     More teenagers could pick up the want ads and go looking for a job, without buying a car. Legalize walking.
What Motivates MADD Activists

     They had a really tough time giving a victim impact statement in court, chewing out the drunk driver, all the while knowing they were also talking about themselves. They want to pretend it’s not their own fault they used to drive drunk, too. They want to pretend it’s the fault of a society that was tolerant of underage drinking, so that they can be different by not being tolerant of it themselves.
     They just cannot live with the knowledge that, every day, all across the U.S.A., millions of citizens under 21 drink alcohol responsibly. Why didn’t they? Why did they get behind the wheel after drinking?
     Sometimes a rapist is so far gone, he actually does not expect his victim to be angry at him. Some MADD activists actually expect that they can impose the drinking age on responsible alcohol drinkers, without breeding intense hostility among these innocent victims.
     After Hurricane Katrina, hundreds of persons suffered and perished waiting for the National Guard to rescue them. Why should Mr. and Mrs. Twenty sign up to protect your life and your property if you won’t even vote to protect their right to liberty, a right of inestimable value to them and formidable to tyrants only, and inherent natural right which no government can justly infringe?
     News stories happen in which a cop needs help, and persons rush to the cop’s aid, but why should the outvoted discrimination victims render aid to an enemy officer in distress? Why not let the enemy reap what they sow?
     Here’s a better idea: Go join a group that actually want to combat drunk driving. The life you save could be your own.
What Motivates Voters & Politicians

     If they’re smart enough to get into a demanding college, rest assured they’re smart enough to figure out why so many voters and politicians would rather impose the drinking age on them than impose tougher DWI laws on themselves.
     Tougher DWI laws would apply to the hypocrites themselves, when they get caught, and that’s not fair, because they “can drive better drunk than teenagers can sober.”
     Many of them are just depraved bigots who hate everybody under 21.
     Gang rape is a democracy, where five persons say “yes,” one person says “no” and the majority rules, electing one of themselves “sheriff,” to seize and handcuff the victim. One vote is useless, and so is campaigning to a bunch of fanatical crazies who don’t give a fire truck about somebody else’s rights.

Bounkham Phonesavanh